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One Day Sunrise Crater Rim Senaru

Lombok, 1D Harga sudah termasuk : Hotel

Harga Per Orang

IDR 1,056,250
Rinjani  small -
Crater rim senaru  small -

Deskripsi Paket

One day sunrise craterim Rinjani

This program is perfect for you who do not have enough time and budget for the normal climbing program, or for you who are already in Lombok, Bali, or other places in Indonesia but without the plan to climb this most beautiful mountain in Indonesia, and it is available every day and sometimes even when an eruption occurs, you can still do this type of climbing.

The advantage of this program is:

Save time

Save money

Completed in 1 day

Can visit Senaru waterfall on the same day

Can directly witness the most beautiful mountains in Indonesia

One day track to crater Rim senaru (sunrise), this package is really a diamond and have many enthusiast. This type of tour is ordered almost every day in our company, because in addition to time-saving and cost-effective, this tour package also become its own pride for the tracker for climbing the Rinjani mountain in one day trip. We will also give an award in the form of certificate as a proof that you have successfully reached 2.641 mdpl (on request).

Based on the experience during managing this program, we grouped this program into 4 parts:

Stay one night in senaru hotel before climbing

Stay one night in my home/senaru office before climbing

Pick up at you hotel in Senggigi at 11:30 PM

Meet our team in senaru (you are already in senaru)

Stay one night at senaru hotel before climbing. We will provide a hotel for one night in senaru village before the climbing, you can come early to senaru village with our driver who will pick you up at the airport, Bangsal port, Lembar port, Kodek bay, Senggigi and other places in Lombok. Upon arrival at Senaru village, you can visit Senaru waterfall, traditional house, sunset at the beach, dinner at our house just like a family, program explanation and program payment and transfer to the hotel for rest before climbing so you feel refreshed for the climbing.

Stay in Senaru (my house/our office). Upon your arrival in Senaru village, you will get 1 guide who will accompany you to spend time in Senaru, visit the waterfall, traditional house, sunset at the beach or historical places such as Bayan Village like ancient mosque, etc. Then dinner at our house just like a family, program explanation and program payment and transfer to the hotel for rest before climbing so you feel refreshed for the climbing.

Pick up at Senggigi hotel, our driver will pick you up at the hotel where you stay in Senggigi around 23:30 at night or earlier depending on request. Upon arrival in Senaru village, your guide is ready with all the equipment you need for the climbing. You can visit the waterfall and you can do other things after the climbing before return to the next destination (Senggigi).

Meet at Senaru village, we will also gladly meet you in our office or we come to your hotel in Senaru village to explain things etc.

Ketentuan Harga

Jumlah Tamu Harga Normal High Season
2 - 3 Pax IDR 1,456,250 IDR 1,556,250
4 - 6 Pax IDR 1,256,250 IDR 1,306,250
7 - 8 Pax IDR 1,156,250 IDR 1,206,250
8 - 10 Pax IDR 1,056,250 IDR 1,106,250
Harga yang tertera pada paket ini adalah harga per pax (per orang)

Harga Sudah Termasuk

  • What is included:
  • 1. Transport in and out
  • 2. Welcome drinks
  • 3. Accommodation one night at Senaru Hotel (day before or after hike)
  • 4. Certificates of Achievement Mount Rinjani
  • 5. Hero Guide
  • 6. Mount Rinjani National Park entrance fee (Rp. 300,000/trekker)
  • 7. Insurance (Rp. 10.000/trekker)
  • 8. 3 liters of mineral water
  • 9. Meals and drinks during the trip (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • 11. Trekking poles
  • Bonus :
  • Trip to sendag gile waterfall
  • Trip to Tiu Kelep waterfall
  • Trip to traditional house senaru
  • Trip to coffee plantation
  • Dinner in my house like family ????
  • Note!!! trip to waterfall (sendang gile and tiukelep) also trip to tradional house Senaru and coffee plantation if you come 7 hours before sunset but if you come 1 or 2 hours before sunset you can only choose 1 trip, waterfall or traditional house. ( day you arrive in senaru before trek)

Harga Belum Termasuk

  • Head light
  • Tips for Guide and porter

Rencana Perjalanan (Itinerary)

Hari ke-1

  • Trekking itinerary : If you stay in Senggigi we can pick up at 23:30 00:30/ 01:00 breakfast and pick up from hotel to Senaru Village 00,00 / 01:30 – start trek from Seanaru village 06,00 – arrive in senaru crater rim before sunrise 80,00 - get breakfast in senaru crater rim while enjoying the sunrise 10, 00 - go down to senaru village 14, 30 - arrive in senaru and 15,00 - visit to senaru waterfalls 17,00 - Arrive at senaru village, pick up to our office for take shower, enjoy young coconut and fruits salad. Transport direct to your next destination (Lombok Area).
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Detail Paket

Jumlah Pax 2 - 10 Orang
Durasi 1 Hari
Jenis Kendaraan Sedan
Penginapan Hotel
Meeting Point

Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

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